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Arizona Materials LLC
You KNOW when it's Arizona Materials!
43rd Ave Headquarters

Plant # 1

  • General Manager
    Sam Koceja

  • Quality Control Manager
    Steve Clark

  • Operations Manager
    Christopher Thompson

  • Plant Manager
    JJ Hornick

  • Area Supervisor East Operations
    Steve Trevizo

  • Area Supervisor West Operations
    Richard Garrobo

  • Dispatch Manager
    Dave Zemaitis

  • Sales Manager
    Eric Loken

    Fax: 602.442.6905

  • Safety Manager
    Lindsay Balmer

  • Shop Manager
    Kurt Williams

  • Transportation Manager
    Bruce Man

  • East Valley Transportation Supervisor
    Jim Wisnewski

  • West Valley Transportation Supervisor
    Rick Gomez

  • Human Resources
    Jamie Christensen

  • Accounts Receivable Department
    Misty Crawford

  • Payroll

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